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Design Production Copyediting• 450-page book printed in hard and soft cover
Design Production Copyediting• 48-page report
Design Production Copyediting• 350-page soft cover book
Design Production • Academic marketing brochure
Design Production Copyediting • Academic journal
Design Production Copyediting • Trio of manual / guides
Design Production Copyediting • Full color, soft cover 136-page book
Design Production Copyediting • Annual report


Resume [Download a PDF]

Since 1993

There isn’t a handy name for what I do. I work with authors to create documents for publication—from editing and sometimes writing the text in those publications to designing the book, report, or paper and producing the published work using Adobe’s creative software and Microsoft Office for printing and/or posting online.

Over more than 20 years, I have worked on numerous text-intensive books and reports as copyeditor, designer, and producer and provided both technical editing and production for an academic journal and a series of monographs. Other projects include reports, manuals, brochures, newsletters, and academic papers. I routinely copyedit academic papers for about a dozen authors.

In particular, I have extensive experience with the text-processing abilities of programs such as Adobe InDesign for handling text-heavy documents efficiently using styles and frame flow and preparing images and charts for high quality production in print.


Manager of Words Express, a desktop publishing and document production service to the University of California Davis campus.

Prior to 1993

Computer specialist, document production manager, title officer, office manager.

University of Montana, 1978–1982. Editing / microbiology, 178 quarter units mainly in editing, writing, and science • California State University, 1991, 1992. Government, history, and social psychology.


Designer, copyeditor & producer for print

• 400-page large-format hardcover book, A.P. Giannini and the Giannini Foundation, 2009 (Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics)

• 350-page softcover book, New Empirical Industrial Organization and the Food System, 2006 (Peter Lang)

• Full color softcover book, Outstanding in Their Fields: California’s Women Farmers, 2005 (UC Small Farm Center)

• 400-page hardcover book, The Economics of Commodity Promotion Programs: Lessons from California, 2005 (Peter Lang).

Technical editor & producer for print

Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 2012–2015 (Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association) that involved extensive mathematical notation and preparation of figures and tables.


• Academic papers and book manuscripts in agricultural and environmental economics and business management.

Producer for print

• Monthly and other newsletters for residents of a senior retirement community since 2009.


• Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 2016, under contract with Cambridge University Press.

Copyeditor & producer for print

• Monographs, 1999–2011 (Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics) that involved extensive mathematical notation and tables.

Designer, copyeditor & producer for print

• Full-color manuals, reports, and newsletters for the University of California Small Farm Center, 2002–2006.


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